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    Product Feature-Healing Salve

    By October 22, 2020 November 19th, 2020 No Comments

    If you had the chance to talk to them, many of our friends and family would probably tell you that we were not always passionate about CBD.  So how did we get into CBD? It started with my brother who had survived a major motorcycle accident, but was left with chronic and untreatable backpain.  He asked us if we’d ever heard about CBD because he tried it and it wablog4as the first time in two years that his back felt normal.  We were really happy about him finding some relief and stored the information away to research about it later. We were still a bit skeptical though because let’s face it….how many other crazy fads have we lived through that were weird and unusual? Beanie babies? MP3players, beepers, chia pets!?! Yes, our age is showing, but I digress….Believe it or not, it was actually the very same salve that we sell now on our website that really started this whole thing.  Seems weird that someone would build a business centered around a salve right? I know. But it is the real deal! Our friend gave us some salve to try and Ricky was so desperate to escape the knee and back pain that he has dealt with ever since his honorable discharge from the Army 15 years ago that he slathered it all over! He felt relief within the first 24 hours and little to no knee/back pain now as long as he remembers to rub a bit on before bed each night. The salve is also just the most amazing moisturizer, healing ointment, and all around cure-all product that we own.  I use it on cuts (because of the antifungal/antibacterial essential oils, it keeps things clean and the beeswax maintains ideal moisture for healing), I use it on my feet (farmer feet is real and is NOT a cute look so moisture is a must), and I rub it all over my body after my shower for moisture, pain relief, etc. In general, this one salve is basically my whole beauty/body routine (CBD is anti-inflammatory-so goodbye zits!) and I am SO proud of this product. One last thing about this salve that makes it so special?  The lady who makes it! Our resident herbal chemist not only perfects each recipe in our onsite laboratory, she actually gathers most of the ingredients locally!!! The first time I ever met Amy, she had an armful of dried flowers and plants in Ziploc baggies that she had collected on her mountain hike a few days prior. She spent the next hour explaining every ingredient in our salve and how they all contributed to this symphony of healing.  It is SUCH an incredible and empowering feeling to know exactly what is in your health products and where the ingredients come from.  So if you were to try any one of our products, I’d encourage you to try the salve first. I sincerely hope that it will be as life changing for you as it has been for us.


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