1000mg Elixir Full Spectrum (Mint)

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Our full-spectrum, high powered tinctures are created from the oils of organically grown hemp and then immersed in a water soluble MCT solution and drizzled in mint flavor. Full-spectrum means our tinctures are bursting with all the cannabinoid goodness the hemp plant has to offer. Cannabidiol (or CBD) may be useful in managing anxiety, insomnia, chronic pain, and even recovery from sports related exertion.

1 review for 1000mg Elixir Full Spectrum (Mint)

  1. Tyler Wilkins

    Absolutely the best Tincture I have ever tried (and unfortunately I have tried a lot of different brands)!!! First a little back story on me, I have worked in and out of restaurants for 16 years, as well as many different part time jobs along the way, the wear and tear on my body was unreal from seemingly endless nights of standing on concrete floors with shoddy at best shoes that offered little to no support (you can imagine). Well I stumbled across CBD through a friend, and was told that it will not only help with the chronic pain we were both dealing with from years in the industry, but will also help with anxiety issues. I was, at the time, refusing to go to a doctor and get prescribed something that would basically turn me back into a zombie, I couldn’t have that because; lets be honest, no one cares when it comes to the reason why your food was taking longer than normal to receive. I tinkered with a few different brands of tinctures, to no avail, some either helped with the anxiety and did absolutely nothing for the pain, or worked great for the pain but left some of the anxiety triggers still intact. After doing some research in my free time, I just gave up and settled with buying two separate tinctures, that will remain nameless, and taking them side by side to get some sort of relief in both areas. Well fast forward 2 years later and a rather large amount of money, that I don’t even want to attempt to calculate, later while working at my current place of work, we started carrying Rogue Apothecary’s tinctures. I have tried every product by Rogue Apothecary that we’ve carried and absolutely loved them so I figured “why not, lets give it a shot”. ONE OF THE BEST DECISIONS I HAVE EVER MADE! Not only do the RA Tinctures help with my Anxiety and chronic pain issues that I have been dealing with for over a decade now, but it is SIGNIFICANTLY cheaper than purchasing TWO $70 dollar tinctures just to get a weaker effect than the single RA tincture was giving me. I really can’t say enough good things about these guys, from the moment you first use their tinctures, or really any of their products, you can instantly taste the quality, and time put into the product. And for anyone reading this that has tried lower quality tinctures in the past you know exactly what I’m talking about when I say my favorite part is the fact that they do not leave that oil slick feeling in your mouth when you take them. But I digress…..I can not stress enough, if you are thinking about trying this product to replace your current tincture or just looking into it to possibly help you with an issue even outside of pain and anxiety, PULL THE TRIGGER! You will not be disappointed!

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