2 gram Delta 8 Dab w/Diamonds




Like our regular dab, but better! We start with our signature high-quality delta 8 distillate, along with the same authentic cannabis terps, but then we add 100% PURE CBD Sour Diesel diamonds. It is absolutely impossible not to get your daily value of much-needed chill when you have this dab in your “dabinet”. As you can always expect from Rogue Apothecary, this dab contains only third-party-tested hemp derivatives that offer phenomenal purity and awesome quality, not to mention phenomenally fresh terpene flavor!

Best of all, you can choose from a generous array of strain options to suit your most particular hemp-related needs. Keep in mind that dabs are extremely potent, so expect a  more powerful delta-8 experience. We work strictly with organically derived delta 8 THC distillate that boasts a stunning purity level to ensure only the cleanest buzz possible. Grab your favorite dabbing device and treat yourself!

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2 Gram Dab w/Diamonds & Cannabis Terps

2 gram Sour Diesel, 2 gram Sour Lifter, 2 gram Lifter, 2 gram Sour Special Sauce, 2 gram Hawaiian Haze, 2 gram Suver Haze, 2 gram Sour Suver Haze, 2 gram OG Lime


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