2000 mg CBG Isolate Elixir

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1 review for 2000 mg CBG Isolate Elixir

  1. Tyler Wilkins

    I grabbed one of these tinctures after many long nights of research attempting to find something more natural to help my mother who is currently battling cancer. It started with digging into CBDs effects on cancer and quickly, a few articles in, turned into CBGs effects after finding one stating that CBG and CBC both exhibit anti-tumor properties. After a few days of her taking the tincture she started to notice less inflammation (we’re not sure if this was caused by the cancer or not) and just a better overall quality of life from lessening nausea to just overall feeling a little better. We are over a year into her battle and things are looking better and better thus far to the point that the remaining cancer is not growing at all and has shrunk to 1/4th of the size it originally was when it was found! Thank you guys a ton for this product, the simple fact that this product has helped her reclaim some of what her life was like before any of this started means the world to us.

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