500mg Dog Tincture – Bacon Flavor

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Turns out, CBD isn’t just for humans, it’s for fur humans too!  Your fur baby deserves to benefit from all the cannabinoids too, so we made an elixir that is so easy to drop into food or the corner of their mouths so that they can feel as great as you do!  Pure CBD distillate with MCT oils, glucosamine, omega oils, and juicy bacon flavor all combine for an amazing tasting and acting pet elixir.


1 review for 500mg Dog Tincture – Bacon Flavor

  1. Alex

    I have a very high strung German shepherd. She runs circles around the back yard and gets so into showing off for me when I try to call her in that there have been many late nights because she just can’t calm down. Every evening she comes to the back door ready for her evening dose. It calms her and I don’t have to spend over an hour trying to get her to come in.

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