All Purpose CBD Isolate Seasoning (1000 mg)


Total Price: 9.99


Put some hemp in your step with this mind-blowing all-purpose CBD seasoning. We made this one to be totally THC-free so that everyone can enjoy it. A whopping 1000mg of tasteless, odorless, CBD isolate is blended with your favorite culinary heavy hitters like salt, pepper, paprika, and celery salt, meaning that this convenient seasoning powder will quickly become your go-to spice every time you are in the kitchen. Sprinkle some on your eggs in the morning, add it to soups and sides at lunch, or throw some on your steak at dinner. No matter which meal it is, it’s a great AND tasty way to effortlessly infuse some CBD into your diet.

Because we use CBD isolate, you won’t get any “plant” flavor since this type of extract contains zero terpenes. We make our seasoning with only pure, lab-tested and organically derived cannabidiol to give you the cleanest and highest-quality option on the market.


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