Broad Spectrum Tinctures




While we always recommend full-spectrum elixirs to get the best medicine that the cannabis plant can offer, sometimes employers, mamas, or significant others disapprove of cannabis use, so for those subject to substance testing, we carry THC-free broad spectrum elixirs. Our broad spectrum elixir is bursting with all of the amazing cannabinoids found in our full spectrum elixir, but with one major exception: it is lacking in the very low amounts of THC found in a full-spectrum elixir that is thought to aid in absorption and processing of CBD within the body.

Now, you can still experience great relief with our broad spectrum elixirs, while also feeling the relief that you won’t get in trouble with your boss (at least not for this—Rogue Apothecary cannot be held responsible for those pictures you took on the photocopier at the company Christmas party!) Choose from a rich selection of absolutely to-die-for flavors and savor some hemp paired with peace of mind.

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Fresh Mint, Strawnanna, Chiquita Bannana, Azulberry, Key Lime Pie, Tangie, Peach Cobbler, Strawberry, Sour Apple Fritter


1000 mg, 2000 mg, 3000 mg


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