Rogue Tea Infuser


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There is nothing like some freshly prepared tea to make you feel grounded and soothed during a long and challenging day. Whether you like your tea hot or on ice, we have got you covered with the Rogue Tea Infuser, which blends water-soluble hemp with delicious herbs and botanicals to give you the flavor experience you’re looking for alongside some good ol’ CBD. This tea infuser goes into your hot water to steep it to perfection without requiring that you make a mess with soaking wet tea bags that drip everywhere.

Our Rogue Tea Infuser is made with clean, organic ingredients that are as farm-fresh as the hemp material itself. This product’s water-solubility enhances absorption into the system for higher bioavailability, translating to faster and more prominent effects. Most importantly, it’s the ultimate choice for when you want to unwind, as nothing hits the spot like refreshing, all-natural tea goodness.


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