Caviar Delta 8 Pre Roll




Our Caviar Delta 8 Pre Roll consists of farm-fresh CBD flower lovingly and organically grown at Willow Billy Farm in sunny Southern Oregon, that has been dipped in delta 8 THC distillate and rolled in blonde CBG kief. Hand-harvested, hand-picked, hand-hung, two-week cold-dried, hand-bucked, and hand-trimmed, this flower has clearly earned premium status, and we oversee every aspect of the process. Each pre-roll boasts an entire gram of the good stuff, so that you can really customize your serving size without having to light up an entirely new product. And, most importantly, all of the flower that we use has been lab-tested by a third party to guarantee maximum quality and purity levels.

CBG kief comes from high-CBG flower, bred carefully to provide increased levels of this powerful anti-inflammatory cannabinoid. It blends beautifully with delta 8 THC, the minor hemp cannabinoid that offers a mild psychoactive experience complete with intense mind and body bliss.


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