CBD Broad Spectrum Gummies (40 mg Per Piece) 1200 mg


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Broad Spectrum Gummies

As awesome as our tinctures and smokables are, sometimes ain’t nobody got time for that!  These vegan, gluten free gummies have ALL the cannabinoids, but none of the THC, so you can pop one of these anytime you want with no fear.  These grape and lemon domes are chewy, delicious, and have none of the junk that your standard store-bought gummies contain, and these ones make you feel better too!  CBD gummies are SUCH a great and tasty way to get your daily value of healing in that you will be asking yourself why you haven’t already been buying these!


Why Rogue Apothecary gummies?

Because our organic gummies contain no artificial ingredients, including sugars, dyes, or high fructose corn syrup.  Each gummy DOES contain 40mg of amazing CBD goodness in every bite.  These are so easy to take that you will never want to forget a dose.


How do I take Rogue Apothecary Broadspectrum gummies?

Easy! Pop one or two and chew!  Take your first dose at night until you find out just how relaxed and pain free you will be.  It’s also best to start with one gummy and increase to two if needed.  Our goal is always to find the lowest dose needed to produce the best results.


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1200mg (40 mg Per Gummy)


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