CBD Full Spectrum Gummies (50 mg Per Piece) 1500 mg


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Full Spectrum Gummies

Trace amounts of THC are what makes give these ladies a leg up on the other gummies.  THC gives these organic gummies the ability to provide users with an entourage effect.  All the cannabinoids blend together to produce a symphony of healing.  These watermelon, peach, and lemon gelatinous mounds are the most powerful CBD gummies amongst our wares and as such are THE perfect addition to your bedtime routine.  One of two of these before bed and your aches and pains will melt away as you sink into your bed and into a deep, refreshing sleep.

Why Rogue Apothecary gummies?

Because our organic gummies contain no artificial ingredients, including sugars, dyes, or high fructose corn syrup.  Each gummy DOES contain 30mg of amazing CBD goodness in every bite.  These are so easy to take that you will never want to forget a dose.


How do I take Rogue Apothecary CBD isolate gummies?

Easy! Pop one or two and chew!  Take your first dose at night until you find out just how relaxed and pain free you will be.  It’s also best to start with one gummy and increase to two if needed.  Our goal is always to find the lowest dose needed to produce the best results


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1200mg (40 mg Per Gummy)


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