CBD Massage Candle 500mg


Total Price: 24.99


Natural fragrance oils, renewable soy wax, and 500 mg of untainted CBD oil combine for a truly enlightening episode. There are so many convenient ways to experience CBD, but this one takes the cake. Light her up to treat yourself to a killer seasonal scent and that perfect relaxing glow that usually accompanies happiness. This method of CBD bliss is simple…light, and go!

Our CBD Massage Candle fills the room with cannabidiol that makes its way into the body as you simply breathe in and out. It’s the perfect way to turn any ordinary room in your house into a spa-like retreat, and because we use only naturally derived ingredients, you can know that you’re inhaling mother nature’s finest. Rogue Apothecary has worked hard to craft this candle to create a fragrance that matches the soothing properties of the hemp plant, and we are certain that you’ll want to light this baby on the daily.


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