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What is kief, you ask? Well, kief is cannabis gold if you ask anyone who has tried it. It’s the powdery dust that collects after fresh, raw hemp flower has been sifted, and is the result of the resinous trichomes that coat the nugs naturally dislodging from the plant. As we know, these trichomes are uniquely potent in cannabinoids and terpenes – more so than the actual buds themselves – meaning that you’ll get higher, more concentrated servings of the compounds you know and love. And, because this kief comes from a high-CBG strain of hemp, you’ll be enjoying superb doses of cannabigerol, the cannabinoid renowned for its healing anti-inflammatory properties that make it a standout among the plant’s chemical composition.

CBG kief can be sprinkled onto anything – raw flower buds, edibles, you name it. Our favorite way to use it is by rolling farm-fresh flower in it to elevate its compound density. Flavorful and powerful, it’s simply a must-have if you’re a true hemp enthusiast.


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