D8 Assorted Gummies

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One of the newest members of the Rogue arsenal, D8 gummies are just what you have been looking for to combat anxiety, inflammation, and insomnia as well as soothing away major aches and pains. This VERY potent, hemp derived compound is intended for bed time use as you will be too relaxed to move a muscle or complete that task you’ve been meaning to do…….

1 review for D8 Assorted Gummies

  1. Zolan (verified owner)

    These gummies are great! Very powerful and very effective! My back pains were effectively eliminated when using these. I did have to cut them in half to carry out any important tasks, so I would recommend starting with a half or even a quarter. Onset time is about an hour, and comes on smoothly. Very relaxing and they taste great too!

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