Delta 8 Gummies 50 mg (Blue Razz, Watermelon & Mango)

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One of the newest members of the Rogue arsenal, D8 gummies are just what you have been looking for to combat anxiety, inflammation, and insomnia as well as soothing away major aches and pains. This VERY potent, hemp derived compound is intended for bed time use as you will be too relaxed to move a muscle or complete that task you’ve been meaning to do……. Blue Razz, Mango and Watermelon

1 review for Delta 8 Gummies 50 mg (Blue Razz, Watermelon & Mango)

  1. Leslie

    I have Graves’ disease and have battled with insomnia, daily fatigue and chronic pain for years. It’s a daily struggle to feel rested and focused when you only sleep 4 hours a night and that sleep is restless and full of dreams. I just felt like I could never fully relax and pause. I only took half of one of these gummies and had the best nights sleep! Last night I got 12 hours of dreamless sleep and only waking up once for 10 minutes. The shoulder and carpel tunnel wrist pain that I’d had for 4 days is also gone. I’m so glad to have found something natural and effective to help me de-stress.

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