Delta 8 Gummy’s (50 mg Per Piece)

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These mouthwatering delta 8 gummies deliver a serious serving of pure, lab-tested, crystal clear delta 8 THC distillate, with 50 milligrams of the psychoactive cannabinoid per piece. What does this mean? Well, clear your schedule because you’ll be feeling its effects for up to 8 hours, while your body and mind go into a state of deep relaxation and euphoria. Take them during the day to enjoy a nice, calming buzz, or take them at bedtime to enjoy a restful night’s sleep.

With sour orange, sour pomegranate, and sour watermelon flavors in each jar, we have no doubt that you’ll absolutely love making these gummies a part of your routine. They are made with fruit extracts that never fail to hit the spot, alongside other clean, carefully sourced ingredients.

If you’re a total delta 8 newbie, try starting out with half a gummy. It won’t take long before your tolerance builds so that you can pop the entire gummy into your mouth.

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250mg (50 mg Per Gummy), 500 mg (50 mg Per Gummy), 1000mg (50 mg Per Gummy)

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1 review for Delta 8 Gummy’s (50 mg Per Piece)

  1. Leslie

    I have Graves’ disease and have battled with insomnia, daily fatigue and chronic pain for years. It’s a daily struggle to feel rested and focused when you only sleep 4 hours a night and that sleep is restless and full of dreams. I just felt like I could never fully relax and pause. I only took half of one of these gummies and had the best nights sleep! Last night I got 12 hours of dreamless sleep and only waking up once for 10 minutes. The shoulder and carpel tunnel wrist pain that I’d had for 4 days is also gone. I’m so glad to have found something natural and effective to help me de-stress.

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