1 Gram Delta 8 Dab




Derived from hemp, this compound is able to bind to the same cannabinoid receptors in the brain that CBD does, thus producing similar effects as full-spectrum CBD products. An effective and expedient method of partaking in quick relief from pain, anxiety, inflammatory responses, and even nausea, D8 should be in the arsenal of anyone who is not subject to drug testing as D8 can release similar metabolites as traditional THC products. Our Dab is special in that we source the most potent D8 on the market at a whopping 95.9 percent and use REAL cannabis derived terms, not cheap harsh botanical derived terms.

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1 Gram Dab w/Cannabis Terps

1 gram Sour Lifter, 1 gram Lifter, 1 gram Sour Special Sauce, 1 gram Hawaiian Haze, 1 gram Suver Haze, 1 gram Sour Suver Haze, 1 gram OG Lime


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