Delta 8 Gummy’s (100 mg Per Piece)

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See One of the newest members of the Rogue arsenal, D8 gummies are just what you have been looking for to combat anxiety, inflammation, and insomnia as well as soothing away major aches and pains. This VERY potent, hemp derived compound is intended for bedtime use as you will be too relaxed to move a muscle or complete that task you’ve been meaning to do. Because you’re ingesting the cannabinoid, expect to feel its effects for around 8 hours, which allows that sweet delta 8 to be nice and active in the body through the night.

Our Delta 8 Gummy’s contain lab-tested, organically derived delta 8 THC to provide you with only the finest, cleanest, and purest option possible. And, it doesn’t hurt that each and every morsel leaves you licking your lips with its mouthwatering fruity flavor. With an assortment of flavors (sour orange, sour pomegranate and sour watermelon) treat yourself to the delta 8 edible life.

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5 Piece- 500mg (100 mg Per Gummy), 10 Piece- 1000 mg (100 mg Per Gummy), 20 Piece- 2000mg (100 mg Per Gummy)

9 reviews for Delta 8 Gummy’s (100 mg Per Piece)

  1. James H.

    I recently tried a few and I must say that this product is amazing…
    Thanks guys

  2. Free the weed

    When I came back to WI with a broken wrist and bruised ribs I got while Mtn Biking in CO. I was looking for something to help ease the pain so I could sleep and work. These D8 gummies did just the trick. The tasty and powerful gummies worked quickly to relieve some of the inflammation during work and helped me to forget about the pain while staying focused. Taking a second gummie before bed helped me to sink into bed and get a solid night’s sleep.
    I highly recommend these gummies ti those searching for relief.

  3. John E. (verified owner)

    Without a doubt, the best natural sleep aid on the planet. My wife, who suffers with some degenerative disc issues, had the best night’s sleep she’s had in several months! Be careful with the dosing!

  4. Connor Anderson

    These Gummies Bang!!!! For advanced users of course, these bad boys help with my Insomnia more than any medicine I’ve ever tried. Thanks Rogue

  5. Camden Smith

    I’ve never slept a so well in my life, I’d recommend these gummies to anyone having lots of pain or sleep issues.

  6. Alan Davis

    WOW!!!! These DELTA 8 gummies taste great and get the job done. Hook Em

  7. Ayden Johnson

    I’ve tried many different gummies from some of the local shops and they don’t have anything on these. These hit hard and taste amazing. Love the Sour flavors

  8. Alan Hanson

    I cut these in quarters and they get me right , thanks so much Rogue Apothecary I’ve never slept so well.

  9. Robert Baker

    Tasty and they keep me asleep throughout the night!

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