Delta 8 Jolly Pop 25 mg


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Each mouthwatering Jolly Pop boasts a generous 25mg of super potent hemp-derived delta 8 with amazing, taste-bud tingling flavors of Blue Raspberry and Watermelon. These babies pack a POWERFUL punch, so definitely be sure to clear your schedule. You will be so relaxed and pain-free that you may not feel like punching into work tomorrow!

Our Delta 8 Jolly Pops can make you feel euphoric and chill for up to several hours, while the tension in your muscles simply melts away. As an added bonus, edibles like these Jolly Pops are known to provide a body high that feels absolutely glorious after a long and tiring day. We work with only organically derived, lab-tested delta 8 THC to give you the purest, cleanest and most bioavailable form of the cannabinoid possible. If you’re a delta-8 newbie, start with one half of a Jolly Pop and work your way up as you get used to this cannabinoid’s effects.

**Note-sublingual products can absorb directly into your blood stream and as such should be taken with caution and start well below the normal dosage until you gauge your body’s response to this and all other Delta 8 products**

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Blue Razz, Watermelon


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