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The REAL OG of the concentrates world, CBD hash remains a must-have throughout the world thanks to its exceptionally pronounced properties and ultra-clean nature. A combination of heat and pressure turn this already treasured part of the cannabis plant into a truly pure and potent smoking experience. Our CBG kief is even more prized than CBD kief, and for good reason. We know that CBG has a host of health benefits in conjunction with those present in CBD products, with stunning anti-inflammatory activity. Add to that the fact that kief is the most potent part of the cannabis plant, and you have one of THE most powerful cannabis products on the market.

Our CBD hash is made in the Rogue Lab by hand to ensure quality and efficacy. It comes from organically grown, lab-tested flower buds grown at Willow Billy Farm in Oregon, and offers a phenomenally bold and fresh terpene flavor that never fails to satisfy

1 review for CBD Hash

  1. Jessi Cox

    Absolutely delicious! Incredible flavor. I love putting this in my morning coffee, in my one hitter with my hemp flower. AHHHH so PERFECT!

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