CBD Isolate


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Wanting to get a super high dose of CBD without the fuss of rolling or worrying about THC accumulation? CBD isolate is perfect for you! It’s simply the purest form of CBD, sold as a naturally fine white powder that has no flavor or odor of any kind. This allows you to infuse just about anything with cannabidiol in the controlled amount that is the most likely to satisfy the needs to your daily routine. And, quite simply, the possibilities are endless. Sprinkle it onto fresh herb, use it to make a custom tincture or add it to your favorite recipes to turn them into mouthwatering, CBD-rich edibles.

This distillate is pure, clean and free of additives, while coming directly from organic hemp plant buds grown by yours truly. And, of course, it’s been fully lab-tested by a third party to guarantee that you get the quality that you deserve.



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