CBD Soap 300 mg

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Wanna up your self-care routine? This luxurious hemp oil soap is infused with lavender oils, natural dried lavender flowers and pure CBD oil, which all come together beautifully for a high-sensory cleansing experience. The soft scent of lavender will aid in relaxation while the smooth glide of the soap on your skin will not only make you smell incredible, but since it is in infused with anti-inflammatory CBD, your skin will feel and look better too!

This Lavender Body Bar is purely handmade, and the CBD oil comes directly from our beautiful organic hemp farm in Southern Oregon, where we carefully handpick each and every bud. The exceptional quality and artisanal method of manufacturing lends itself to a product that really elevates your daily shower or bath ritual to something decadently soothing. Once you treat yourself to your first cleansing session with this body bar, you’ll never go back to drugstore soap again.

1 review for CBD Soap 300 mg

  1. John Stanfield (verified owner)

    I originally bought the soap for my wife, but after one use I loved it so much I now hide it from her. It smells fantastic, it lathers nicely, and it just makes me happy when I use it. I will be buying more and gifting these for the holidays. Such a simple way to treat yourself, I highly recommend it.

    • Richard Zamora

      This made my wife very very happy, as she takes pride in her hand crafted products. Thank you so much for your time making a review and your kindness.

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