CBD Moon Rocks w/CBG Kief


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Choose Between 3.5g and 7g to Take Your Flower Routine to a Whole New Stratosphere of Euphoria!

These moon rocks are quite simply out of this world, with a killer CBD content of at least 32%. These little asteroids are nothing but pure bud, rolled in CBD distillate and covered in fresh, ultra-potent CBG kief for a smokable CBD experience that will send you straight out of orbit! CBG kief, for those who don’t know, is the naturally occurring kief that comes off of high-CBG flower to introduce higher levels of cannabigerol into your smoke experience. Our flower is always fresh, and bursting at the seams with sublime terpene flavor.

All of our flower is organically grown at Willow Billy Farms in Southern Oregon, and lab-tested to ensure maximum purity and quality to those who want a natural, raw hemp experience. We use zero additives, while sending off each batch in an airtight jar to keep the compounds nice and potent.


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