Pre Rolls (Indica Blend)


Total Price: 6.99


Sometimes you need to relax on the fly and for that, we’ve got you covered. Grab one of our kief-infused pre-rolls and experience relaxation within the mind and body thanks to this custom blend of the finest indica strains grown on Willow Billy Farm in Oregon. All of the bud we use are organic and therefore pesticide-fee, and the entire product is natural, being free of additives. It lets you get those cannabinoids and terpenes straight from the source in a super fast-acting and hard-hitting way.

Rogue Apothecary Pre Rolls are made with natural rolling papers that provide the perfect slow burn so that you can savor each and every puff. The flavor is fresh and bold thanks to the farm-fresh nature of our flower. Take a few hits and allow a tranquilizing sensation to wash over you after a long and tiring day – you deserve it.


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