Pre Rolls (Sativa Blend)


Total Price: 6.99


Tired of the tedious process of grinding up buds and rolling them carefully into paper? Well, say goodbye to all of that effort, because Rogue Apothecary Pre Rolls have arrived! These pre-rolls are infused with a blend of carefully handpicked sativa strains that complement one another not only in terms of properties, but flavor. You can’t get this blend anywhere else, so you’ll want to give it a try as it just may become your new go-to for daytime smoking. Simply remove the packaging, light it up and enjoy.

Our pre-roll is completely free of additives and byproducts, consisting only of pure, organic hemp flower and CBD kief that naturally falls off of the buds during the sifting process, offering a super concentrated trichome dust for more power behind each and every puff that you take. This pre-roll is easy to take with you or simply savor while chilling comfortably at home.


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