Pre Rolls (Trump T1)


Total Price: 6.99


At Rogue Apothecary, we don’t offer just any old pre-rolls. Ours contain organic, farm-fresh flower ground to perfection, in a variety of strains that tantalize on every level. This particular pre-roll is made with Trump T1, a newcomer that has already proven to be a huge hit. And, how can it not be with Afghan Skunk and The Wife as its parents? This beloved hybrid is known for its balancing act that keeps the mind alert and focused yet calm and mellow, while giving the body relief from tension without any of the couch-lock. If that wasn’t enough, its flavor is absolutely tantalizing, boasting notes of bright citrus and juicy, luscious fruits.

Our pre-roll is totally additive-free, lab-tested and completely natural, right down to the rolling papers themselves. Simply light up the end and enjoy, while saying goodbye to the tedious process of grinding and rolling your own.


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