Relaxation Mist 100mg THC Free(CBD)


Total Price: 15.99


Our bliss-inducing mist offers a naturally cleansing witch hazel suspension infused with 100mg of CBD oil, and essential oils that not only chases the bed bugs away, but ensure that the anxiety and stress will be swept out the window with just one spritz. Infused with powerful amounts of cannabinoids, yet gentle enough for your skin, this spray is a great choice for keeping your CBD dosage short and sweet. Spray it anywhere on your body and allow the hemp to infuse itself into the skin, muscles and joints, while offering a calming aroma that instantly makes you feel grounded.

This THC-free formula contains lab-tested hemp extract that comes from our organic Oregon farm, extracted using only the cleanest and most advanced methods available. The all-natural formula ensures that you absorb only mother nature’s best into your body, while being able to over larger localized areas thanks to the generous spray nozzle.


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