CBD Hot Chocolate 500 mg

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Warm up this winter season, or any time of year for that matter, with Rogue Apothecary’s new CBG hot cocoa.  Silky smooth cocoa powder with snowy white CBG isolate is a decadent and delicious way to get nature’s medicine into your daily routine.  Cooked up in our very own Rogue kitchen, CBG cocoa was born out of Hallmark Christmas movies and cold Southern Oregon nights. Each package offers a total of 500 milligrams of the compound that easily absorbs into the body to work its way through the endocannabinoid system, soothing away inflammation while elevating the mood.

Our luxurious cocoa dissolves almost instantly into water or milk to give you a fast and easy treat that you’ll want to make part of your nightly routine. Enjoy potent, long-lasting effects with this delivery method, while your sweet tooth enters a state of pure euphoria with each and every sip!

5 reviews for CBD Hot Chocolate 500 mg

  1. Manuel Gill

    I’m in love with CoCo

  2. Pablo Edwards

    Wow, this Cocoa tastes better than any Cocoa I’ve ever had

  3. Jonathan Garcia

    Dang this CBD Cocoa is the bomb, thanks Shar…

  4. Daxton Moore

    What a great way to get some added CBD in my life, helps out with my back pain more that I could have ever imagined.

  5. Ryan Webster

    Tasty, thanks Rogue, you guys rock, I’ve never seen CBD CoCoa before, nice touch and tastes amazing.

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