Rogue Palm Rolls (Indica Blend)


Total Price: 10.00


Sometimes you want to have your cake and eat it too, so Rogue Apothecary created a relaxing blend of our favorite couching-locking strains. Instead of having to select from a dizzying array of strains, grinding and rolling all on your own, grab a Rogue Roll, Netflix-n-hale. We’ve chosen a beautiful blend of top-rated indicas that work together harmoniously to deliver a sense of blissful calm to the body and mind, making each roll a treat at nighttime when you’re ready to forget about your long workday and simple mellow out on the couch.

The flavor of these terpenes comes through beautifully thanks to some awesome freshness, and you can count on inhaling only the finest organic, handpicked flower buds from our very own Oregon farm. Rogue Palm Rolls is lab-tested and bursting with bioavailable cannabinoids and terpenes for your personal enjoyment. Rolled in a natural palm leaf, these rolls are 100% additive-free, letting mother nature do all of the hard work.



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