Bath Soak (CBD) 500mg THC Free


Total Price: 15.99


Do you love CBD so much that you just want to take a bath in it? Well, don’t go pouring all your Rogue Apothecary Elixir into the tub all at once! Rogue Apothecary bath salts are a much easier and cheaper way to go about gaining the results you desire. Lovingly infused with – you guessed it – CBD,  these bath salts are scented with all-natural lavender fragrance oil, powered by CBD distillate, and rounded out with some dried lavender flower that are both beautiful and heavenly-smelling. The smell of lavender offers a soothing, calming effect to your weary mind while the CBD infuses itself into the muscles and joints for head-to-toe relaxation.

Rogue Soak contains 500 milligrams of THC-free CBD, derived from fresh, organic hemp buds grown on our very own farm. Soak away your aches and pains before bedtime, and follow up with some relaxation mist for a night of sweet dreams.


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