Sasquatch Soap Bar

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She milks the goats and calls them by name…Our friend in the Illinois Valley makes these amazing, luxurious soaps from hand, and we just had to share them with you. They’re buttery soft, boasting 60mg of Southern Oregon-grown CBD alongside AMAZING, therapeutic essential oils. Basically, these Sasquatch Bars make everyone want to be a little cleaner. They glide on the skin while infusing the muscles and joints with pure CBD power, and the essential oils offer mental clarity and calmness while adding soothing properties that benefit the skin. They take your daily bathing or showering to a new level of luxury, and make each and every cleansing feel like an act of self-care.

These soap bars are all-natural, being free of harsh and drying ingredients. You will never go to the drugstore to buy generic soap again after experiencing the level of artisanal quality that goes into this phenomenal formula.

1 review for Sasquatch Soap Bar

  1. Peggy johnson

    I use the soap and I loved it!

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