Willow Billy Pre Roll 10 Pack (.7 grams)


Total Price: 34.99


Sometimes you need to relax on the fly and for those moments, we’ve got you covered. Grab one of our kief-infused pre-rolls and chillax to the max during your commute with one of the quickest ways to get CBD into your system. Rogue Apothecary Pre Rolls offer only pure, hand-ground nugs (no byproducts here!) with a sprinkle of kief for extra hemp power, all wrapped up snugly in a custom cone made from natural materials. The hemp is, of course, lab-tested to guarantee excellent purity and quality, while providing your body with the entourage effect thanks to the full spectrum nature of real, raw flower goodness.

Available in a pack of 10 individual pieces, each contains 0.7 grams total of fresh hemp. That awesome terpene flavor is explosive thanks to how the flower is grown. The buds come from organic plant material cultivated at Willow Billy Farms in beautiful Southern Oregon.


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